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Spring Tournament
12:00Sun June 24SPRING TOURNAMENTBissett
Week 9
12:00Thu June 28 - Sun July 01CANADA DAY WEEKEND - NO GAMES
Week 10
18:30Thu July 05Quality Concrete Vs. GW PavingBissett
18:30Thu July 05Bluewave Vs. OnePSMel Braine
18:30Fri July 06OnePS Vs. GW PavingBissett
12:00Sun July 08Moosehead Vs. Coors LightBissett
12:00Sun July 08Quality Concrete Vs. Jays From The CouchMel Braine
14:00Sun July 08Jays From The Couch Vs. MooseheadBissett
14:00Sun July 08Coors Light + Quality ConcreteMel Braine
16:00Sun July 08Newton Vs. Oregans KiaBissett
16:00Sun July 08Investors Group Vs. BluewaveMel Braine
Week 11
18:30Thu July 12Oregans Kia Vs. Coors LightBissett
18:30Thu July 12Bluewave + Jays From The CouchMel Braine
18:30Fri July 13Investors Group + Quality ConcreteBissett
12:00Sun July 15GW Paving Vs. NewtonBissett
12:00Sun July 15Coors Light + MooseheadMel Braine
14:00Sun July 15Coors Light + NewtonBissett
14:00Sun July 15GW Paving + MooseheadMel Braine
16:00Sun July 15Bluewave + OnePSBissett
16:00Sun July 15Oregans Kia Vs. Jays From The CouchMel Braine
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