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Pitcher Safety
Hey Everyone, During the meeting last night it was brought up that this league would be better suited if we had more protection for our pitchers. We have found that a collapsible pitching net would be the best option. It would fold down and store in the metal boxes. I have done some research on the rules and put together a survey. We discussed doing a trial, but unless someone has a pitching net to try we probably won't purchase one to try. If we buy anything we will implement it immediately. Below is the link to the survey, please click and provide information. Any questions please contact me here

Click For Survey

Thanks, Craig

By: Craig Appleby On Wednesday, 22 February 2017 Comment Comments( 3 ) Hits Views(5655)
Comments Results
Before the meeting last night the results for the survey: 63.51% For (47 yes, 27 no) The majority of the people voted for dead ball call when the ball hits the net on a line drive.
By: Craig Appleby , On Wednesday, 22 March 2017
Comments Rule Change
However, we do need at least 100 people for the survey to count with a 60% + to pass the change. So, if you like the idea and haven't voted then you better get in there.
By: Craig Appleby , On Wednesday, 22 March 2017
Comments Final Results
The survey had 120 replies. Of those 69 voted in favor of the nets, and 51 voted against the nets. This results in 57.5 percent, which doesn't make the agreed upon percentage needed to pass the new rules.
By: Craig Appleby , On Tuesday, 04 April 2017